Our Mission

Vision Statement

Sojourner Truth Ministries shall be a loving, spiritual and inclusive Christian mission.

Mission Statement

Sojourner Truth Ministries loves all people, creates community, builds character, and equips us to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

We have been ministering since 1998 to the disenfranchised, the homeless, and lonely of our area of any age or culture. We provide lunch 7 days a week while providing friendship with assistance for the needs that arise. We birth ministries that arise from the needs of those who come through our doors. We provide worship through our mission church service Sunday afternoons. Our hours vary depending upon the ministry we offer but the doors are always open 9am to 3pm Monday through Saturday for food, fellowship and a place to hang out.

(The weekday Sojourner Cafe is funded in part by the Lycoming United Way.)