Saturday Cafe

Saturday Cafe Chef

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Schedule Your Saturday Cafe Group through
Derecia Kelly at (570) 419-1451 or (570) 323-1797.

Please be sure to read the important STM CAFE INFORMATION before coming to serve.  There are guidelines that have been set, to assure that everything goes smoothly. We do ask that you stay until 1:00 P.M. as stated in the information, since we do have Sojourners coming in at various times.

Please be aware that we have always asked our volunteer churches to bring in
extra coffee and creamers as an additional gift when serving luncheon meals
to our Sojourners.  We use these items in very large quantities in a week’s
time and are usually in constant need.

Thanking you in advance for you continued help, understanding, and support.

  We are always open to having someone serve on Sunday, but the schedule will only reflect Saturdays and those committed Sunday dates.