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Burger Burn Fundraiser

August 17, 2018

Our annual Burger Burn fundraiser at Sams Club was a success! Thanks to our devoted volunteers, Sojourner’s, and staff for their time, donations, and monetary support. Thanks to the community for coming out to support the many ministries going on here at STM. Thank you!

August 14, 2018

Testimony Tuesday

Thanks to Patt Wehr for sharing a powerful testimony filled with the hope and peace of Jesus for our Tues Testimonies this week. Join us next time, 11:40!

July 28, 2018

Hope Community Church

THANK YOU Hope Community Church for bringing and serving lunch today for a hungry crowd! You lived out the example in 1 Jn 3 about loving through living. 

July 25, 2018

Crafts & Noah’s Ark

Ms. Tina tells the story of Noah while the kids work on a craft during a story telling group.

Deb Ottenmiller

Testimony Tuesdays

Deb Ottenmiller July 24, 2018

Thanks Deb Ottenmiller from Faith church Montoursville for sharing your testimony of your journey through bouts of pain and the healing of Christ. Thanks for sharing your faith walk and causing others to ponder where and how Jesus is holding them...whether they see it or not!  Join us next Tuesday at 11:45 to hear a story of our great and loving God at work in someone's life!

July 16, 2018

Three Springs Camp

15 campers and their leaders from Three Springs Camp descended on STM this week for a work/ serving blitz...x 3 hours each=45hours of love labor! They played 'drums' with kids, weeded, put up shelves, mopped the clothing closet, started installing a laminate floor, served lunch, cleaned the food storage area, rotated stock,and filled up a pick up truck with dump-worthy discards. What a blessing ! This collective effort will enable us to move forward in ministry more efficiently! Praising the Lord!!