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A Moment of Thanks

from Pastor Angelique and Jamie

The importance of Sojourner House

Jamie shares why Sojourner House of Hope is important to her and needed here.

Rebecca Shares Her Why

Rebecca is part of the advisory board and shares her why she joined Sojourner House

Rhianna Shares Her Why

Rhianna shares why she is part of Sojourner House

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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House & Room Sponsorship

Items/rooms/projects needed to be many great options!

Churches/Groups: Thank you for your consideration. As we move further along in preparation of the Sojourner House of Hope, there are many ways you can help. Please consider and give as you are able. If unable to give monetarily, would you be willing to choose one or two items an collect them to share with our project?

• Dishes: Plates, Bowls - 5 sets needed

• Twin institutional mattresses - $119 @ 12 

• Weighted Blankets

• Metal bunkbeds - $349 @ 1 set

• Blinds for windows

• Sponsor a Program Participant - $200/mo

• Other sponsor levels (online subscription) $150, $75, $50, $25 etc.

• "Adopt a Room" - pray for those who will be residing in that room

• Postage Stamps

• Monthly Bus Passes (given to residents for the first month) $40

• Feminine Hygiene Products

• Personal Care Products - Hair brushes, combs, cotton swabs

• Mesh Laundry Bags - 24 

• Heavy Duty Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain

• Gift Cards - Wal-Mart, Kohl;s Lowe's, Sheetz, Grocery Stores

• Snow Shovels (2), rock salt, broom, dust pan

• NIV Recovery Bibles

• Easy to read Bibles

• Audio Bible

• Hand Sanitizer

Other Opportunities to Give

Sponsor a mailing?  (Envelopes, ream of paper, postage, ink $100) 

A month of security system monitoring specific to House $_______

A month of electricity for House? Current $_______ and occupied, anticipated monthly $_______

A month of heating (gas heating, new system has been installed) $_______

Trash removal? $_______

Water/septic bill for house? $_______

Help us to raise a salary for a house staff? $_______

Willing to be a Mentor? Each resident will need her own mentor. 

Willing to be Volunteer staff? 

Willing to Volunteer labor?  

Help with recruiting, getting the word out, fundraising?

Job connection resource?