raisetheregionMarch 8th  begins  at 6 P.M.
campaign ends on March 9th at Midnight

Sojourner Truth Ministries is  again participating
in this annual fund raiser.  To contribute to our mission,
please log onto the Raise the Region website

Where it says:
Looking for a specific organization?

Enter “Sojourner Truth Ministries” below and go directly to our page:

Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships has generously donated $150,000 to be used as stretch funds again this year.  Larson Design Group, Walmart, M&T Bank, Toyota and Subaru have also renewed their support as prize sponsors.

Your donation(s) can also help raise additional support for our nonprofit organization by qualifying us for other monetary prizes.  All gifts are tax deductible and will help make our nonprofit mission/ministry possible.

Raise the Region is an initiative of the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania to promote the work of local nonprofits like Sojourner Truth Ministries in our region.  Your support and gifts are greatly appreciated.

God loves a cheerful giver!
May he continue to bless you and your giving.


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We  first would like to thank everyone for their generous donations. It has been a while since we have sent out and alert in this manner and we truly do appreciate anything and everything, that is received. Everything that is donated will be used in the continuing of Sojourner Truth Ministries…Below is a updated list of things Sojourner Truth is in need of…..

Can your church family collect them for us?  Please spread the word by bulletin, newsletter, group, and even 1-on-1.  Thanks!!  

Needed at Sojourner truth Ministries: 

  1. Kid drinks – 8 oz- 10 oz
  2. Seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, lemon pepper, seasoning salt
  3. Stainless steal cleaner
  4. Steel wool pads
  5. Creamer
  6. Syrup
  7. Plastic gloves/ Latex gloves – Medium & Large

We are so very grateful for any donations your church family or organization can give to us. 


Sojourner Truth Ministries Inc.



Praise The Lord – Dear Friends,

Sojourner Truth Cafe schedule has filled up quickly.  We only have a few Saturdays still available on the schedule for this year.
(Maybe consider serving on a Sunday?) 

If the date you were available has already been taken, please consider volunteering to fill one of the many daily needs that the Cafe has, such as supplying the napkins, paper towels, coffee, cream, or other cleaning supplies that are so expensive, yet so needed to fulfill our ministry.

Please call us at 570-323-1797 or 570-419-1451 for available dates or any supplies that you might want to donate and help us out with.

We do appreciate all your time that is donated in serving the greater need.   Thanks in advance for all your support…

Pastor Velinda Smith

Director Of Services

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We are asking all churches/organizations/ donators to please update your contact information, address information, 
and email information. 

We recently had some important “Thank You” letters returned to us as UN-deliverable.  We want to make sure everyone knows how blessed we are by your gifts, donations, and willingness to serve our ministry and mission, so it is important that we have your current information on file.


If you could please email Derecia Kelly
at derecia4stm@gmail.com
         or call her at either:
(570) 419-1451 or (570) 323-1797

May God continue to bless you for your continued
support of our Ministry/Mission.


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2017 Covenant to Support STM

2017 Covenant – Sojourner Truth Ministries, Inc.

They share freely and give generously to those in need. Their good deeds will be remembered forever.

They will have influence and honor.” —Psalm 112:9 (NLT)

As Abraham entered into a covenant with God in Old Testament times, we would like to invite you to covenant with Sojourner Truth Ministries now. We need continuous, consistent operational funds to keep our building opened, repaired and our ministries functional. From our founding denomination, the United Methodist Church (Conference Advance #94775) as well as from other area churches and organizations of the community, we are asking 1,000 people to covenant with us to donate $100 per year, OR 100 people to donate $1,000 per year OR 10 people to donate $10,000 per year. Any of the yearly amounts you choose can be paid in $10’s, $100’s or $1,000’s over a period of 10 to 12 months. Partnering together like this will provide our 501(c)(3) organization with enough money to fund all of our needs! We urge you to prayerfully consider helping to fund our ministry in this covenant relationship. If you are willing to make this covenant with us, please CLICK HERE to print out this page and fill out this form.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________


Covenant amount for 2017____________________

Payable: _____Weekly_____Monthly_____Semi-Annually_____Annually

Please send your Covenant agreement and Tax Deductible Contribution to:

2017 Covenant | Sojourner Truth Ministries | 501 High Street | Williamsport PA 17701

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