Staff & Board

Rev. C. Angelique Labadie-Cihanowyz, Executive Director

Pastor Angelique is the Executive Director  who manages the day-to-day operations, staff, volunteers, and so much more!

Keith King

Keith is our Head Cook who prepares the daily meals to serve to our sojourners. 

Bill & Rita Pysher

Bill and Rita have been devoted to Sojourner's for many years. Thanks to them, our building stays clean and rid of trash all  year 'round!

Board of Directors 2020

Len Richards, President

Dave Miele, Vice President

Laura Chilian, Treasurer

Linda Jackson, Secretary

Rev. Dr. John Piper

Rev. Troy Howell, D.S

Donna Miller

Tina Knipe

Patt Wehr

Maigrette  K. Polanco-Albino



To Our Devoted Volunteers

Sojourner Truth Ministries has many who volunteer and dedicate their time to the ministry. They are the back bone of this ministry and STM is so very grateful for each of them. Many thanks!!