After-School Programming

Tuesdays/Wednesdays 3:30 - 4:45pm

Calling all elementary through junior high students! The After-School Program has begun! Some of the fun activities include: animated Bible videos, homework help, cardio drums, drum rhythm circle, foursquare, chess, checkers, and more! Problem-solving theatre group to begin formation.  Looking to include other skills such as basic cooking in the near future.

There is no cost for participation in this program. If you would like to volunteer please let us know! Donations are always welcome! Please register your child(ren) below. Parental consent required.

Learn More

Call Pastor Angelique at (570) 323-1797 or email

UPDATE: Our after-school program is ending for the school year. Stay tuned for more information for the Summer Kids Program. Volunteers needed!!


Dinner Church

Going back to the earliest gatherings, around a table with communion and meal, we will seek to meet the need for soul food as well as the tangible need to be fed nutrition for the body. We will also seek to meet a need of fellowship and deepened community/family relationship development.

When we share a meal with someone, we are accepting them as equals, worthy of sharing our table. Instead of being served, people will have the dignity of choosing their own foods and portions. "Come to the table," the ambience will offer a sense of intimacy and warmth.

Let us all come 'round the table as one to worship in communion!

To Get Involved

We are always in need of volunteers. To learn more and to get involved, please contact Pastor Angelique by calling the office at (570) 323 - 1797 or email

Want to serve? Go to the "Dinner Church" page to sign up!


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